Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Day Where Nothing Went As Planned

Well, Saturday didn't go as planned. I slept all day & the only food I put in my body was full of  simple sugars and just bad, bad, bad things.


I felt like Bobby ALL DAY! I think it was because I: worked Thursday night, stayed up Friday morning for the gym & then woke up early Friday night for a social event. Oh yeah! I had to work Friday night as well, so when Saturday hit...


I have learned that when things like this happen (setbacks or whatnot), you have to learn to not beat yourself up about it and just move on. So, last night I put a couple of chicken breasts in a marinade to be cooked today. I won't be caught slipping again. I have too many goals to accomplish with this whole weight loss thing!

Today I have a BodyJAM class (Can we talk about how amazing this class is?! I swear Les Mills is a genius) and after that I will cook said chicken. Saturday didn't happen. NOPE!