Friday, May 3, 2013

Eating Clean

I've never been one to diet. I mean, I've done them, but they never stuck.

Most don't.

So, I decided to try out eating clean. I'd seen people talk about it before, but never really knew what it was. I was introduced to it by Feminista Jones on twitter and her eating clean challenge "Sexy Shred" [Click here for more info]. It's really changed the way I look at food.

Eating clean, dumbed down, is basically eating food that hasn't been processed in any way. You're eating food in it's natural state and, therefore, getting all of the nutrients that were meant to go into your body but got lost during processing [how's that for a run-on sentence?].

I've always looked at ingredients before, but it's nice to now be able to pronounce and really know what everything means. You saw my peanut butter post. It had two ingredients!! I start to think what are all the extra unpronounceable ingredients in there for anyway?!

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