Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So WHAT! Wednesday ::Health Edition::

I'm linking up again with Shannon from Life As I Dew for SWW!

This Week I'm Saying So WHAT! If:

  • I didn't remember to link up last week. OOPS!
  • I decided to say "eff it" on Mother's Day and ate two ice cream sandwiches and some yeast rolls from Texas Roadhouse. I needed those cheat things!
  • I still haven't bought any shoes even though my shins hurt like crazy when I run. My money always seem to have some other priority!
  • I got discouraged when I took a month progression picture and I didn't see much difference at all :(
  • I've begun to abhor cooking all my meals. I'm SO lazy! OMG
  • I give most of my money to health food stores and my mom complains. I only want the best for my body!
  • Brown rice sushi from Whole Foods has become my secret indulgence. I may or may not get some every other week.
  • I'm having to ween myself off only being able to eat a banana if its with peanut butter.
  • My body is shrinking, but my stomach is holding on like a MOFO. What the crap?!

That's all I can think of. What are you saying So WHAT! to this week?

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