Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great Veggie Find For People On The Go!! ::Eat Smart Vegetable Medley::

I don't know about you, but I am NOT for cooking all of my stuff from scratch. If I can find a great products already pre-made that will make my life easier, you better believe I'm grabbing it!! Have you seen my favorite salad dressing? So when my mother brought these veggies baggies home, I was SO happy! No preservatives. No "light sauce". No extra additives! 

Eat Smart has so many different types of these bags!! Don't like carrots? They have one with just cauliflower and Broccoli! Does the thought of anything else green besides broccoli make you gag? They have a bag with just broccoli in it and so many more! You just pop this in the microwave on a plate for 4-6min and you have fresh steamed vegetables in a snap! I love this invention and I'm so happy they make these for people who are maybe short on time but NEED to get their veggie fix. Thanks Eat Smart!! P.S. I used the broccoli from one of these bags in my Shrimp Fried Rice :)

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